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"I went to T.A.C. totally expecting another run of the mill, get me in and out type of self tape studio and got the complete opposite. Deb is gracious, kind, fun, super creative and in tune with what casting needs. She offers a comfortable environment to find your performance and goes with your flow... though she has her gentle way of nudging you to find something even better. I've booked Netflix and NBC from our tapes."
-Michael Cory Davis


"My best audition work has been because of Debbie. She creates and supports such a comfortable environment where I feel free to make mistakes, try different things with the material and fully commit to a scene. Debbie has found the perfect balance between empowering me to execute my own choices, while also providing a vital perspective on the material and suggestions to enhance my performance and delivery. Auditions can be laborious, but Debbie makes them fun. She is sincerely the best of the best!"
-Navia Robinson


"Debbie's service is stellar! She's helped me book multiple roles and has overall boosted my confidence as an actor. She works diligently for all her clients and will ensure a tape of exceptional quality."
-Jackson Gann


"I wouldn't be able to do what I do without Debbie. The whole "ball game" of self taping can be daunting. She allows me to focus on the acting by making the self tape process easy, comfortable and fun. I booked a role on a hit Amazon show as well as a recurring role on FOX."
-Brett Friedmann

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"She made me feel confident, comfortable and at ease with each take. The environment is positive and she gives great insight. I love the pride she takes in her work to get the best out of me."
-Raiven French


"The Actors Concierge is where I come home to create. As Val Kilmer once said, "To dance the spirit of another" and Debbie is by far the best damn dancing partner I've ever had!"

-Maryfrances Careccia

“Debbie was not only fun to work with but very intricate with her work! It's so nice and easy having ONE person manage all the things actors need to get done, in order for them and their agent to be happy!”

-Paloma Rodriguez              


"What Debbie provides is full service, professional and as thorough as it gets. But what is MOST important is that SHE CARES about you doing your best work!! Debbie makes this possible by fostering the most positive, safe & stress-free place to tape. The environment she's created allows you the freedom (the best YOU) to show up... AND you look great! Her lighting is amazing!"
-Tonya Cornelisse


"At The Actors Concierge, not only is the space professionally set up, but Debbie is both technically savvy and an insightful director! I highly recommend her!"
-Janice Kent


"She sees things in the scene that I wouldn't have picked up on... comedic moments, beats. She's helped me come up with adlibs and creative ways to button up the scene that have won me jobs. I booked shows on Netflix and FOX after coaching with her."

-Christian Anderson

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“What I like about working with Debbie is that she instantly makes me feel supported. She gives great lead-ins, and my last session with her is the perfect example. She asked me a question to prompt my dialogue and I booked the gig! Yay!”

-Marcia Whitfield

"Debbie knows her stuff. Not only did she get me a callback, but she helped me prep for the room as well. I went in with a fresh perspective on the scene, both mentally and physically and it helped me form a great relationship with the Casting Director! She truly understands how to crush an audition.”

-Dayna Cousins

“As an actor, I'm busy with auditions, classes, workshops, getting new headshots, etc. I don't have time to accomplish all the administrative things that need to get done for my career. Hiring Debbie to update my resume and fix the formatting on all the online services has saved me so much time. I felt confident because I know it was done right. She's the best at what she does!”

-Sam Hale

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