Paloma Rodriguez
actress~VO artist~singer

“Debbie was not only fun to work with but very intricate with her work! I love how smooth my photos look BUT it also looks like ME. It's so nice and easy having ONE person manage all the things actors need to get done, in order for them and agents to be happy!”

Christian Anderson

"I've coached with Debbie for a majority of my auditions, even when it's been for one or two lines. She sees things in the scene that I wouldn't have picked up on, comedic moments, beats. She's helped me come up with adlibs and creative ways to button up the scene that have won me jobs. I booked a Co-Star for both "Girl Boss" on Netflix and "New Girl" on FOX after coaching with her."

     Marcia Whitfield

“Debbie has been retouching my headshot and promo photos for about 10 years. I'm not a model and her retouching makes me look my best without overdoing it. When I walk into the casting office the picture and the person are the same! Her turnaround times are quick, working with her is easy, and she always returns emails in a timely fashion.
What I like about working with Debbie "on camera" and coaching for my auditions is that she instantly makes me feel supported. She gives great lead ins, and my last session with her is the perfect example. She asked me the right question to prompt my dialogue and I booked the gig! Yay!”

Shana Montanez

“When I was still acting, Debbie was my "go to" for headshot editing. That "just enough" cleaning up, to keep you still walking in and looking like your picture which is the #1 complaint I would hear from CD's that people don't look like their shots. Now that I'm in the music realm, she handles my press photos and artist shots for web & social media. She still keeps it clean but has the freedom to play around with more funky, bold choices in her retouching. She has huge range as a retoucher!”

Sam Hale

“I'm always busy with classes and workshops and auditions and constantly taking new headshots. I don't have time to get to all the administrative things that need to get done for my career. Hiring Debbie to update my resume with my rep's logo, fix the formatting on all the online casting services, and creating my coverletter has saved me so much time, and I felt confident because I know it was done right. She's the best at what she does!”

Dayna Cousins

"Debbie knows her stuff. Not only did she get me a callback, but she helped me prep for the room as well. I went in with a fresh perspective on the scene - both mentally and physically. And, I have a great relationship with the Casting Director now. She truly understands how to crush an audition. Make sure you ask her about headshot recommendations! My best session was with a photographer she suggested.”