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You've got the talent, the passion and the drive. Do you have an angle? What's your strategy to create opportunities and stand out in this competitive industry? First and foremost, you need to know exactly who you are. What your strengths are and what makes you authentic. Most actors are extremely versatile, but I've found, when putting together a package, it's most strategic to pinpoint and focus on the type of role/character you play best and what you'd most likely be cast as. This is your "brand" and how you'll market yourself. Once you've established this angle for yourself, you need to build a strong package around it that reflects and showcases your unique brand! 

What exactly is an actor's package?  

It's a combination of tools (your resume, headshots, reels, skill clips, etc) and actor sites (Actors Access, LA Casting, Casting Frontier, etc) that best represent you. This is one of the most common areas that gets neglected by actors. It's so important to maintain these platforms and keep them up to date and looking good. After all, it's what an actor uses to get an agent or manager and what your agent or manager uses to get auditions, to pitch you and to help create opportunities for you.

Why does an actor's package matter?

Think of it like a first impression. Sometimes a bad first impression really does matter and that person never gets a chance to redeem themselves. Other times, a bad first impression isn't such a big deal and that person has the opportunity to change someone's mind after they get to know them.

An actor, however, especially one who's trying to get representation, cannot afford to make a bad first impression. Too many times I've seen incredibly talented actors miss opportunities or get overlooked simply because the way they presented themselves was underwhelming or mediocre. They didn't know how  to put all the tools together to create an undeniable package.

Things that can potentially make a bad first impression are having headshots that are dull or outdated or don't look like you in person, a sloppy looking resume, or actor sites that are poorly set up. These are the first things an agent or manager looks at when considering new clients. This is their first impression of you. Trust me when I say just how significant this is. Not only are they looking for talent, but those who demonstrate knowledge of the business by having all the necessary tools in place.         

How can T.A.C. help?

it's incredibly challenging to be objective with one's own material, and a majority of the time actors don't know what to do or how to improve certain areas of their package. Often they don't even realize that something is formatted incorrectly or that an integral element is missing that would enhance and strengthen their entire platform. The smallest details can make the biggest difference. The Actors Concierge was designed to help actors with the business side of their business. I offer a range of services for any actor pursuing an on-camera career, theatrically and/or commercially, whether you're a  working actor who's already established or an up-and-comer who is new to the industry. 

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